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North America

POLY4 crop science programme carries out trials in North America including Canada, United States and Mexico.

Agricultural driver

Sulphur, magnesium and potassium deficiencies in major agricultural areas.


Crop output from the region is expected to increase by 10%, led by corn and soybean.

Need for POLY4

Large regions of North America grow crops that are sensitive to chloride toxicity. Over eight million hectares of chloride sensitive crops are produced in the United States alone. POLY4 is a premium specification product that supplies essentially chloride-free potassium, along with sulphur, magnesium and calcium.

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Regional soil challenges

  • Deficient in one nutrient supplied by POLY4
  • Deficient in two nutrients supplied by POLY4
  • Deficient in three nutrients supplied by POLY4
  • No data/deficiencies

POLY4 – a game-changing product in North America

POLY4 – supporting US farmers

Growing corn with POLY4 in North America

POLY4 | Crop science in North America

Growing potatoes with POLY4 in North America