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Large-scale agricultural systems are commonly associated with environmental impacts such as climate change, pollution, soil degradation, deforestation and habitat loss.

In order to feed the planet’s growing population, there is a global need to adopt sustainable farming practices that boost crop yields while using less land and reducing environmental impact.

The use of an organically-certified, natural product such as POLY4 will lower the carbon footprint – POLY4, which has no requirement for chemical processing, has the lowest CO2e emissions compared to other fertilizer products. Furthermore, POLY4 helps to rebalance and reconstruct the soil structure as well as provide four essential nutrients required for plant growth.

We target adoption of best agricultural practices with the help of balanced nutrition from POLY4. Our guidance and recommendations, supported by research trials, can improve productivity and efficiency for farmers, which in turn will help to increase food production and profitability, enhance environmental protection and improve sustainability.

The use of POLY4 will add value to the local environment and bring us a step closer to a more sustainable agri-food system globally.

Sirius Minerals is also acutely aware of its corporate responsibility – from the outset the company has been committed to sustainable development of its Woodsmith Mine. We have made considered design choices, which will minimise our impact when building and operating a new mine in one of the UK’s most sensitive landscapes.

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