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POLY4 a game-changing product

HIGH-PERFORMING, VALUE-ENHANCING four essential nutrients in one product

PROMOTING sustainable agricultural practices

THE POLY4 SOLUTION opportunity for farmers to sustainably increase yields and benefit economically

SUPPLYING balanced fertilization on a bulk scale

POLY4 a bulk speciality

POLY4 is the trademark name for polyhalite products from Anglo American's Crop Nutrients business.

POLY4 is a multi-nutrient and low-chloride fertilizer suitable for organic farming. Derived from a naturally occurring mineral polyhalite, POLY4 contains four of the six essential macro nutrients required for plant growth: potassium, sulphur, magnesium and calcium.

POLY4 is a fully soluble fertilizer with a sustained nutrient delivery profile that matches crop demand. It has no requirement for chemical processing and has the lowest CO2 emissions compared to other fertilizer products. POLY4 is an efficient and effective fertilizer that allows farmers to maximise their crop yield, increase quality and improve soil structure with one simple product.

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The POLY4 cornerstones

Using POLY4 as the source of potassium, sulphur, magnesium, and calcium is more efficient and effective for farmers, delivering flexible and more sustainable fertilizer practices. POLY4 has four key attributes that benefit farmers by increasing their profits in a sustainable way through improved yields, reduced costs or both: efficiency, effectiveness, flexibility, sustainability.