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Latin America

POLY4 crop science programme carries out trials in Latin America including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Mexico.


Agricultural driver

The distribution of unexploited agricultural land around the world is extremely uneven, with the Latin American region – specifically Brazil and Argentina – standing out as having considerable future potential.


Brazil will become the single most important soybean producer by 2025 with production estimated to reach 135 million tonnes.

Market growth

Sugarcane and cotton continue to be a source of growth for Brazilian agriculture through improved yields and expanded area. The total crop area is forecast to increase by 24%, with soybeans driving most of this expansion.

Need for POLY4

Many areas of the region are deficient in two or more nutrients contained in our fertilizer.

Read more about findings of our trials in this region by clicking the icons below.

Regional soil challenges

  • High agricultural activity and significant deficiencies
  • Deficient in one nutrient supplied by POLY4
  • Deficient in two nutrients supplied by POLY4
  • Deficient in three nutrients supplied by POLY4
  • No data/deficiencies

POLY4 | Supporting Brazilian agriculture

Growing tomatoes with POLY4 in South America

Growing corn and soybean with POLY4 in South America

POLY4 | a game changing fertilizer in Brazil (Portuguese subtitles)