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Agricultural driver

Environmental regulations drive the European agriculture sector to seek an efficient, sulphur containing fertilizer suitable for organic production.


EU cereal demand could increase by 6% (333 million tonnes) by 2026, driven by feed demand (in particular for maize) and good export prospects (in particular for wheat).

Market growth

Due to regulation, emission controls are in place creating widespread sulphur shortages. Policies are supportive of reducing leaching caused by fertilizers.

Need for POLY4

Yields are among the highest in the world with only small margins for improvement (4%) on average. Using our product as the core of a fertilizer programme can improve production through improved Fertilizer Use Efficiency.

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Regional soil challenges

  • Deficient in one nutrient supplied by POLY4
  • Deficient in two nutrients supplied by POLY4
  • Deficient in three nutrients supplied by POLY4
  • No data/deficiencies

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